Sky Safari

Hot Air Ballooning

For those wishing to have a Safari from a different perspective then our hot air balloon safaris are a must. Enjoy an experience encompassing sunrise to great food, from wildlife to breathtaking scenery. Truly the ultimate safari experience!


A helicopter safari at Okavango Delta

Helicopter scenic flights 

Choose a scenic flight over the otherwise inaccessible areas of the Delta of varying durations, from an hour to an entire day. With the option of taking the side doors off, you will have a breathtaking view over this unique ecosystem and its wildlife as well as photographic opportunities like no other. Helicopter flights are also available (and highly recommended) at Victoria Falls.

Pilatus Planes

Sky Safari - Okavango Safari Chartered flights

Experience Africa in a privately chartered Pilatus, starting in Cape Town and flying guests all the way to the Okavango Delta staying with you at each camp. With this Sky Safari, you will never forget Africa from the air.