Special Interest


Every safari is a “photographic” one. But if it is your profession or passion to take top quality photographs, or receive tuition whilst in the field, then Okavango Explorers are the right team for you. We have specially designed vehicles to accommodate your photographic gear, no matter how big the lens! We pride ourselves on providing the best photography opportunities, expert tuition, and have kit which can be hired on request.

Film crews are streaming into the wilderness of Botswana, often spending months at a time in the bush. Okavango Explorers also offers full support for these film crews, from finding the perfect location, to the camp logistics and film permits. Please contact us on res@okavangoexplorers.com for professional film briefs.

Bird Watching

We specialise in superb birding in Africa’s greatest wilderness areas the world-famous Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Arguably southern Africa’s finest wetland, the Okavango is home to the near-endemic Slatey Egrets, the endangered Wattled Cranes and huge mysterious Pel’s Fishing Owls. Common species to be seen in both Chobe and the Okavango include the sacred ibis, Egyptian geese, the ubiquitous cormorants and darters, spur-winged geese, Pel’s fishing owl, carmine bee-eaters. As well as most members of the kingfisher family, all the rollers, the unmistakable fish eagle, the martial eagle, and many members of the stork family.

Bird Watching at Okavango Delta

With over 577 species, 500 of which regularly appear, Botswana is coming into its own as an African birding area of distinction. During the winter months 100 birds a day may be recorded and in summer this number can be doubled! On request you can join our specialist bird guides and explore some of Africa's top birding areas.


Fishing is usually best during the warmer months, from March to May and late August to December. The optimum time to fish for Tiger Fish is during the annual catfish runs or “barbel runs”. The exact time of these runs differs from year to year but generally lasts from late August to the beginning of November.

A fish caught on Okavango Safari

The Tiger Fish is an indigenous species that provides thrilling angling for both experienced and novice fishermen. It has a voracious appetite and can reach as much as nine kilos in weight.

Various other species including some magnificent bream and catfish can also be caught, ensuring an eventful and memorable fishing trip. Fly fishermen should bring their own equipment. We have basic fishing equipment that can be hired.

There is no fishing in Botswana during the months of January and February.


Would you like an exciting trip through the Universe? An Astronomy safari includes an introduction about the Universe and the guided use of telescopes for night observation of visible planets, stars and galaxies. On a typical winter's night (June - Sept) of star gazing there is the possibility of viewing the red planets Mars, Jupiter and its four Galilean moons, the ever stunning Saturn with its beautiful rings or stars such as Rigil Kentaurus, the colourful binary star Albireo, or the red giant Antares.

Okavango Night Sky

Our astronomy tours are an ideal complement for visitors and will give you an unforgettable evening under the Botswana night sky. Take advantage of the Delta being one of the best locations in the world for both professional and amateur astronomy.

For more details on tailoring a safari trip towards your special interest, contact us on: res@okavangoexplorers.com