Water Safari


The mokoro is a traditional canoe-like vessel historically used in the Okavango Delta as an essential mode of transport, and now utilised for game viewing safaris. The mokoro usually carries one or two passengers, while the boat-man stands at the stern using a long pole called a "ngashi", to pole or push the mokoro forward. You will be poled by local boat-men who are able to move with considerable speed and maneuverability as many have perfected this skill over a lifetime.

Makoro in the river

Jackalberry, Sausage and Mangosteen trees were traditionally some of the preferred choices used in the crafting process. The long branches of Silver Terminalia trees are used to fashion the “ngashi” poles.

Nowadays most mokoros are fiberglass to help preserve the trees.

The mokoro excursion is a very popular activity in the Okavango Delta among guests who travel to Botswana and a real ‘must’. It is an opportunity to fully experience the sounds and sights of nature.

Some people describe a mokoro trip as one of the most peaceful experiences they have had. Imagine witnessing an amazing variety of birdlife, or catching a glimpse of lechwe or a rare sitatunga feeding by the water: a charming water activity.


The motorboats in the Okavango are made of aluminum and are powered by outboard engines, making them very stable. They have shade canopies that cover guests during the midday sun, but when they are not needed, they are rolled back to allow unobstructed views of the surroundings. Boating is a great way to experience the Delta, to cover a lot of mileage in a short period of time and explore magical islands.

A motorboat safari on the Okavango Delta

Trips start in the far north of the Okavango near to the Namibian border and can run the full length of the Delta ending in Maun. Comfortable fly camps are set up along the way, with excellent meals and service. Traveling along the Okavango channels at a decent speed is a fantastic way to feel the wind through your hair and zoom past the myriad of different islands. A ‘must do’ for your time in the Delta.

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